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Co-Founder of YYCharity Inc​.

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Many local Calgarians volunteer for us at each event and make the difference in the lives of many. Complete the form on the volunteer page if you are interested .


No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to raise awareness, educate, advocate and help.

Our history


2012 - Assisted with Canadian Transplant Games as the Chair for Medical and Sports committees.

2012 - Assisted with 15th annual "Get Sick with St. Nick" raising funds for CJ92 Kids

2013 - Assisted with "Evening of Excellence" raising funds for "Your Life Counts"

2013 - Medical assistance with the Forzani's Mothers Race (X10+years)

2013 - Medical assistance with the Strathmore Woman's Triathlon (X4 years)

2013 - Medical assistance with the Tri-Diva-Tri Mini Triathlon

2013 -  Medical assistance with the Diva Duathlon - Turner Valley

2013 - Assisted with Jeff Wilkie's - 007 event raising funds for "The Little Warriors"

2013 - Collected and distributed donations of supplies to Flood effected Albertans.

2013 - Assisted with Jeff Wilkie's "Flood Buckers" event raising funds for the YWCA of Calgary.

2013 - "The Masquerade Party" raising Awareness and funds for rare disease in Calgary & working with Pulmonary Hypertension Association, Calgary Health Trust and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

2013 -  Assisted with Mrs. Calgary's Christmas event for Alberta Flood affected children.

2013 -  Assisted with The Santa Hat Party for "Make a wish foundation"

2013 - Assisted Chris Tutty with his 16th Annual Get Sick with St. Nick Event and Food drive.

2013 - Assisted with the End of an Era NYE Celebration at Rafter Six Ranch.

2014 - Opening YYCharity Inc. as an official non-   profit organization.

2014 - Board developement.

2014 - Outdoor mini-concert - Protecting Children

2014 - 2nd Annual Masquerade Party

2014 - Help the Sick with St. Nick -  for LLS

2015 - Beauty and the Brunch -for Breast Cancer

2015 - Acting 101 & 201

2015 - ONE - for PH

2015 - Calgary Royal 0007 - Flames Foundation

2015 - Shut the Barn Door - Goodwill

2015 - Classy & Sexy DJ Dance Party

2015 - 3rd Annual Masquerade Ball - PH

2015 - 18th Annual Get Sick with St. Nick

2016 - 1st Annual Oscars Party

2016 - #Essentials for Fort Mac

Gail Nicholson RN.

 Founder of YYCharity Inc.

Supporting Local Businesses, our communities and charities!

We are committed to working with and promoting local businesses and charities through events and support.

Calgary offers a wide variety of excellence in all areas of business and through YYCharity Inc. you can shine!

Ann Marie Aase

Director & Treasurer